specsucks forces deans resignation

after specsucks published a ground breaking awesome article exposing the dean  who goes under the alias “kevin schollenberger”, we knew his days were limited.  Attempts tostop the freedom of press on campus and and to support spec he was exposed.  Using top of the line forsenic technology we have shown who can bring you the best news and who brings down the most deans.  How many deans did  spec bring down this semester? oh yeah thats right they are too busy colaborating with the officials (althoguh our exposes have made it hard for spec to engage in such corruption without being watched in fact it was too much for dean “shollenburger” to take so he left and now there is balance in the force. watch out that smile is like in episode III when emporor palpatine transforms into a demon and casts out christ from his heart do not stare back at the screen. The most important question is who is the new dean? for now we are stuck with another PINKO dean in his place we are sick and tired of deans that suport spec we demand a member of specsucks to be elected so power can be fair and balanced!   This shows that we are gaining power and we will not be stopped spec is scared because we are good and they are bad.  the glorious cause marches onward!!!

oh yeah also we exposed columbias plan to cancel mackle more and cover it up, and brought justice to campus so if you got shit-faced drunk and listened puked on college walk on saturday you are automatically a specsucks supporter


One Response to “specsucks forces deans resignation”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    he is so bad we had to take him down twice (lol)

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