spec and the hungry gaze

today i read an old spec article on the male gaze it was dum of course.

okay i know what it is like for example when i eat food everyone in my family says that it always looks good and they want to eat it which is annoying because it is my food!  i am a picky eater so i have to make my own food sometimes it is mine not yours do not eat it. they say that the way i eat it makes the food look good but I want them to stop looking at me so i can eat in peace.  For example if I make nachos then they want to eat well i made exactly the right amount of nachos to make me full so if you eat my nachos then i will be hungry when i am done and i need to make a whole another set of nachos which is dum because the only reason i have to is because of YOU so basically I am making a batch of nachos for YOU but you would never ask me to do that to my face because you know that is stupid so then why dont you make the nachos yourself you lazy grubbing bum!  even if i want to share my food you are still always staring at me eat and want my food i just want to hide and eat where you can not find me.  plus i am a picky eater so I do not want to eat your food that is why i made my own this is a one way street i never take your food.  this helps to understanding through shared empathy and so forth.  we can hopefully see that the issue is complex and everyone has a view point.  so there are many sorts of gazes which we should all consider to have a wide body world understand.

the author is a first year in columbia college double-majoring in philosophy.


2 Responses to “spec and the hungry gaze”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    Wow this is like that one time kiekagard wrote about the subjectivaty of the human exprience

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