Spec indorses illegal drugs

Spec you are everything bad in the world we HATE you we do not COMMEND you. But we do not hate the class of 2017 who shared their essays that dum spec gave to evil Gawker who are everything bad in the world that isn’t spec which is already everything bad in the world that there is but maybe people from spec infiltrate gawker this is just a RUMOR so do not say that we said it is true it is just a rumor not a FACT like the FACT that spec sucks. Gawker you are bad, Ivygate you are also bad except when you are fighting the spec that is good like truth, apple pie and two gallon Arizona iced tea, but not when you are joining gawker and spec in the cause for evil.

FACT the class of 2017 contains new specsucks members who wrote their essays about taking down the spec that is why Gawker and Spec were trying to join forces to expose them but brave new specsucks memembers are sneakier then putting their pledges to truth and justice in a google doc and sneakier than deans who specsucks are already exposing one by one. BUT all of this is above the point because spec is doing bad stuff again today like indorsing illegal drugs:




Specsters are so adicted to drugs that they cannot help but putting out MULTIPAL ARTICLES A DAY talking about them and flyering illegal drug parties all over campus if they are having them. Truly spec is creating a new world but it is not brave like the class of 2017 are. So do not listen to spec if you are new to Columbia unless you are talking about how much spec sucks spec not inculcated with their stress of reading spec and taking their soma.

2 Responses to “Spec indorses illegal drugs”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    #gawkersucks #ivygatesucks but most importantly #specsucks

  2. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    I wanted to read the Spec, but I overdosed on their ILLEGAL DRUGS and now I’m in St. Luke’s using their Eye magazine as a cast.

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