Specsucks Senior Columb

WELL I will be candid I am really scared to start my life in the real world away from specsucks. As a senior, I regret that spec still stands and still wreaks havoc upon the Columbia campos innocent soles throughout my entire time at specsucks and in the future. Maybe definantly I should have worked harder at brining down the spec, and now I am graduating that is bad. BUT it is not all bad the companionship I have found at specsucks and the justice I have been upon BWOG comment sections and the amount of deans I have personally brought down their corruption have made it worth my time and forever. I am sad and scared that future generations of specsucks may succumb to the evils of specbwog but I do not thing so if they continue to have inspiration from the evil dumness of spec. Unless the spec falls there will always be specsucksthat is obvios like the balance in the universe that will always be restored ying and yang. Specsucks means for me and for many others the light that burns against the darkness, the shield the protects against corruption, the unsilencable voice of silence

. For justice and eternal Glory! #specsucks

The author is a Columbia College senior majoring in Ornithology. She was a member of the editorial board for the 432nd volume of Specsucks. She is graduating because she is a senior.


2 Responses to “Specsucks Senior Columb”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    u r the best

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