specsucks is the only secret society on campus

wow so apparently some people ethink they are secret societies no you are fake specsucks is the only one we already unmasked everyone else and our patsy was taken down.  we are like a hydra when you cut off our head than like 10 grow back. and we have the only podcast on campus stop trying to copy us.  So on the 29th of april our agents monitored dumb corporate terrorists with ties to spec producing video in which they show pictures of spec blowing throught the campus across the steps.   You are not fooling anyone.  You are a hiring campaign looking for the brightest and smartest, not a secret society. well too bad all the elites at columbia already joined specsucks and exposed your little game.  you can not BUY TALENT.  Only a true cause of truth and justice by any means necessary. NOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN EXPOSED, your ties to spec will also be revealed in due time.  and we will be vindicated with breaking the story first.  have a good day and don’t read spec.

p.s. specsucks elite hackers have already cracked your code  (shout out to Tflow) and we hereby released it to the masses (shout out to Arvind for the leak)


One Response to “specsucks is the only secret society on campus”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    yea lol dum patsy you think you can stop us but even when the lowly director of the copy editor is exposed you think you have won some kind of victory well you haven’t you only make our cause stronger! We are the premier secret society on campus!

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