Specscum twittering

Specsucks never sleeps to bring justice if you think we have forgoten then u are very mistaken. For example there is some controversial on the twitter which is entirely INFESTED with specscum:tw1

Wow that is sexist I am offensed. But it gets worse:


Wow that is ignorant it is like she is on the football team, who are threating everyone like spec


I am so scared who is this manic?


Admitted Zionist david fine well guess what your bigotry is not FINE


Admitted cyber bully and Zionist and specster. We the judge jury and executioner find you GUILTY!!!  he is also sexist and probubbly some other -ist



Disgusting. Where are Columbia’s liberal chompsky ideals? But u see the whole thing is rotten to the core that is the managing editor:


What is that supposed to mean? The photoshop wudve been better if she was gone? Disgusting. The only thing you are managing is hate. Then there is more racism


Wow it is not ok to sterotype people like that British people have feelings too!!1  (but they are loud lol   P.S. THIS WAS JUST A JOKE I AM NOT RACIST )

May be some other specster can sum up how I feel rite now


Wow they are putting harsh words in my mouth and they certainly can have a way with words ahah just kidding they are bad writers and they said it not me. Lets see what else this specster are plotting on the twitter


Why are you scared of increased police presence spec are you afreid of JUSTICE AND BEING EXPOSED???


Wow spec are literally planning terrorist bombings but I am not even surprised. What other illegal activities is spec up to:


Wow they even know they are being illegal and they are still doing it. Like homophobic hate speeches being printed in their ‘news paper’:


This is how liberty dies. May be we can look to Bwog for salvashun



Such bright blue eyes.  Such hope.  Oh well.

But may be college has taught this upstanding gentulman sum ethical jernalism we can always hope that Bwog is more honorable


Oh well it was worth a try but at least they are not racist or creepers like spec



oh wait they are

Well at least my readers know specsucks is smart, our old scary friend David fine noes that spec is dum:


wow i am sick of this racism.  Thinking about spec makes me clinically depressed lol.  I am going to have some soul food to cheer myself up.


3 Responses to “Specscum twittering”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    At least specsucks is brining justice to twitter

  2. Harry Redknapp Says:

    u master ruesman u heuheuheu

  3. […] fewer: From the inestimable Rega Jha: “If I were the SGB, you’d be my David Oh So Fine.” Admitted Zionist. Signing my name D. Asher Fine starting now. “Hi five David […]

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