spec is bad

spec is the worst news paper ever.  there front page is supposedly in the front but I have not seen anything that in front of spec except dum people reading spec.   if you have had a tramatic experience with spec then you are welcome here.  if you leave a coment in the comments section then your needs will be adressd.  There are many things wrong with spec this is just an example.  There is a reason specsucks is #1 and spec is not even number #2.  So next time you are going to read spec just stop and read specsucks because we are 100% homegrown publication unlike spec which employs members of the communist party.  there are many things you can do to fight spec and people are thinking of new ones every day.  so no I will not read spec no matter how many times you tell me stop sending me these emails sammy. ps when did you start going by sammy

2 Responses to “spec is bad”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    sammy is like sam redux. Evil part 2.

  2. The Shadowy Eyeball Says:

    Hello. The spect has made me have nitemares at nite. I have dreams that Sara Darville is murdering two turkeys with her bear hands (which is something that she really did so even tho I have nitemares about it it is still TRUE). Thanks to spect I cannot sleep anymore.

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