The year in review

This year had many great successes for our glorios cause but other failures like that the spec still stands. Firstly specsucks encouraged brave souls to become specsucks spies and the call was answered by many brave soles who are still working to take down the spec. Many were inspired to their bravery by our recruitment video. Congrats agen to our 20000th visitor Sara Darvil (our 30000th was magi alden by the way.) One brave specsucs member was forcibly reoved by the powers-that-be. another won the presidency. Specsucks provide us with a dramtic reading of a dramtic event, and leaked information about the dramtic slaughtor of animals in the spect. We also leaked pictures of one of our many secret rituals, and performed an interviewed a high level Bwogster who is aiding us in bringing down thespec, and also we gave all u dumasses the solutions to our crossword b/c u r 2 dum to solve our brilliance. We broke totally unshocking news about and illicit affair between Dean Martinoz and the spec’s maneging editor (who couldnt solve the crossword btw). Columbia responded with a dum statement like they had their corrupshun exposed lol. Vigelante justice was only a small step away. Brave jernalists Sam Aarons, Conor Skelding and Alex Jones provided us with everything we ever didn’t care to kno about columbias secret society, saying nothing with 3000 words. The Dark Hand (I shed tears for this brave footsoldier every day) infilitrated a spec party. The invidual noen as the Schollenburger was exposed and soon forced to resign, and Dean AwNOT was next, as Columbia soon learned no-one is safe from justice that specsucks is brining to Columbia. One of our opinion columbnists ritefully pointed out that Spec and Bwog shud just merge (not like they have not already but this was written by our dumb opinion columnist which is different from an op ed which is different from a letter to the editor which is different from an editorial wow you have to be a nerd just to get this straight.) The year ended with contruversy on twitter, as specsucks uncovered specster twitter accounts. Slowly every year we are breaking the grasp of the spec on the campus and destroying the specbwogdean kyrarchy. Now we looked into the past if we could see into the future we cannot but the spec is going down #specsucks


2 Responses to “The year in review”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    a year of quality journalism that the specnerds could never hope to accomplish

  2. The Shadowy Eyeball Says:

    Today I was having a good day then suddenly I remembered about the SPECT and my day was ruined because it is not yet destroyed. But then I read this to see how much you have accomplished with ur currage and now I am proud again. SPEC SUCKS!

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