Specsucks selects new editoral bored

People think specsucks is not happening no you are wrong! We are just regrouping and selecting new members for ourtop secret society that no one noes not even deans. Our new editor in chief is the Cloaked Mask of corse because that is a CODE NAME not a real name. The mangeing editor is still the Cloaked Shadow because THAT IS ALSO A CODE NAME. Our publisher is the Masked Figure (that is also a code name by the way.) Informant extrordnaer is the Masked shadow that one is not a code name that is his real name but he is still very secret had himself removed from Columbia directory. Director of Copy Editor is Conor Skelding aka the Dark Hand that is alsohis real name he does not get a promotion because his loyalty had wafered may be in thefuture but that is ok because he can make public appearances to spread the cause of truth and justice and in Bwog comments.

Ok the rest are just code names too like Second Director of Assistant Copy Editor The Masked Wanderer or Bwog Informant #2 Peter Stern (that is a code name) or Bwog Informant #3 Zak Hendrixon (also a code name.) even if you are a PINKO noob I think you are starting to see pattern that those are not their realnames because SpecSucks is sneakier then that but they are new people.


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