The legend of lejun

People know about the specsucks lejun that is a secret but it is fluid like mystery. The myth and legend tells the lone hacker like robin hood stealing all the others publications secrets and giving them to the people like justice.but the lejun always has her back true friendship and fraternity through cyberspace like the sherwud forest. Lead by a very caliginous even dark hand these brave companiones fite the specbwog on every real virtual front and then meld back into their artificl landscape like receding city lights. Rapidly they adopt to the menaces of thespecbwog always encroaching on their domain never stopping in their vigilance and finding new ways t ofight for truth and justice taking back power from the clutches of evil. Even when their leader falls they come back in black with the dark evil power to destroy that is why spec will never prevail of the peopple because even when bwogscum drive a stake trhrugh the drak hnd it comes back with from the depths of hell to restore the new dark order upon the earth. Even when Seeminigly destroyed the dark hand mysterious members of the lejun chanted the only words they new for their lost friend




And he rose agen, but this time he has seen death in the face, and learned dark oduous things.  it’s basically a dark reboot of robin hood.

5 Responses to “The legend of lejun”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    The Dark Hand I would gladly steak my life upon him

  2. the redesign is very good except the background is too white for my taste

  3. Innocent First-Year Says:

    Someday a new student will walk to Pinkberry and noticed the decrepit building next door, marked with the words, “My name is Spectator, newspaper of newspaper: Look on my daily publication, ye Mighty, and despair!”

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