spec no table for you

spec has been cursed by their supposed independent but if they are independent from columbia then how do they have a table at the activities fair?  this is the dark underbelly of spec.  more are initiated into the order than you know.


6 Responses to “spec no table for you”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    may be they are using all the tables for butchering animals like turkeys that is good but only if they sacrifice him to the devil 666

  2. Innocent First-Year Says:

    How do I contact specsucks?!

  3. Innocent First-Year Says:

    Phantom Shadow, are you male or female? I would like to go on a date with you! We can talk about all our favorite Lit Hum books and how awesome PrezBo is (lol!)

    • The Phantom Shadow Says:

      Unless we talk about how the spect sucks and darkness I am not interdasted in u but do not worry i am sure there is some other spect-hater out there for u who likes lit hum and who can get a C in that class

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