7 ways you can use spec

9 to 11 days ago the holiday of 9/11 began. it seems like some of you dont know what “never forget” means. spec is not dead just like

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

and we are also taking spect to the supreme court.
so obviously you should not read the spect for news (it is dum). but that does not mean you should not use it in other ways. that is just good business practice. so here are a few ways you can use the spect without having to read it and risk getting eye transpolants later in your life.
1. demon pirate hat
this is obvious if you went to kindergarten, but you can make it into a demon pirate hat which looks like a cool demon goth pirate who is into death and stuff
2. rain gear
like in romantic comedies, you can put it over your head and exageratedly take really small steps until a handsome stranger offers you protection from the blood raining from the sky
3. pets
if you are training a black dragon this will keep excrement off of yoru floors. or if you need to discipline the dragon, roll the spect up up so you can smack the puppy with the spect. but dont get too frisky
4. ninja stars
these are fun to throw in the back of classes and you can be the ninja
5. wrapping stuff
if it is christmas or a birthday you can wrap a gift. or if it is the 1950s you can wrap a dead body in newspaper (note to the police this does not count as a confession and you havent read me my miranda rights).
6. burn it


2 Responses to “7 ways you can use spec”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    there is also a 25 million dolar reward on Ayman al-Zawahiri just like anyone who takes down spect

  2. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    I would like to add that you should only use stupid specs that you find on the ground or in the trash for these great uses for stupid speck. If you use a new one stupid specksters might think they have more readers then they really do, and then get extra funding from the school because of it.
    Be smart fellow dragon taming vampire ninjas, and we will bring down speck like Floyd Mayweather brings down every opponent he has ever faced.

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