triweekly movie review

i went on a date to the movies (yes that is right i have friends you losers) so i saw a movie that was realy cool and that’s why we’re doing a movie review every third of a week.

basically there is an evil organization in space which is shooting laser missiles at people.  so like there is this cool hacker on earth


who is like the cloaked mask because he is a cool hacker.  and then the dark hand is also like a guy who is harassed by children

hanging kid


but he is going to class to work hard like a loyal citizen of the columbia community but then he is like trapped in a chamber with bwog and he gets too much exposure which makes him get cancer becuz everyone knows his name now and stuff


so basically he is dead and even the deans now know his name. but then the cloaked mask has a plan wiht some surgery to make him into an ubermensch.



and there is also the crazy austrialian dude who is actually a robot or something


and he is like a lone wolf but he is secretly taking orders from the head of the evil space company



so mat damon is going to space to fight the evil corporation  because the hacker dude helps to send people to space but they sometimes to not make it because the australian dude has space missiles in a van.

truth justice


but the australian dude kidnaps matt damons girlfriend and she is hostage


so mat damon has to blow his head off with a grenade. but not before he steals her soul



and then matt damon sacrifices himself like jesus and spec collapses and everyone gets saved even the little girl with cancer. the end.


overall this movie was awesome 10/10.  especially this part (ladies he is taken)





One Response to “triweekly movie review”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    TDHA makes me swoooon

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