The birth of the Prison

Consider that specsucks has used our vampire powers to infilitrate the confines of the spec state prison. These are exlusive leaks like guantanamo:


Wow looks normal my loyal readers hipster computers for specster scum to upload their instagram and crosstag it with tumblr.   Well of course this is true but also LOOK AGAIN


So I don’t need to read animal farm to know that spec is PURE WIND.  But the antichrist will bring redemption. You make lies sound truthful spec but just because you can fool everyone does not mean your lies are not OBVIOUS to see!  YOU will not last long with such obvious corruption on your soul.

Ok so for example in anceint times people were tortured in badass shit like ripped limb from limb by horses and then maybe they were reanimimated by necromancers or they were put into an iron maiden like the badass hxc metal band. OBVIOSLY spec is not that dum or at least they are hiding it somewhere BUT where would they hide it? I don’t know we are still learning of course BE PATIENT. We haven’t heard about it of course so you think it isn’t happening spec is not creating a prison. But if you have read fukault (get it) you know then that they would obviously not put they’re prison into open daylite.


Jk.  BEHOLD THE PANOPTICON MADE REAL. Oh wait you can see through the glass. So you KNOW you are being monitored which is the antithesis of the prison-state industrial complex. Spec u need to be disciplined and punished and not in a sexy way.  #snowden

One Response to “The birth of the Prison”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    wow i have not read fukault or whatever but this makes a lot of sense

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