A vote for conor skelding is a vote for the columbia spectator

Okay first of all what is conor skelding doing running for office he’s more like a male model lol.  we want our men in office to have  a professional look, sorry conor,  go back to hoot magazine (I’m waiting to see you on the cover ;)). but get the facts straight first of all we did some snooping and discovered that conor skelding advertises MIT on his twitter but he NEVER WENT TO MIT.  Here is irrefutable proofconorproof

WHERE IS YOUR COLUMBIA PRIDE. so when  the editor in chief of BWOG who pretends to go to MIT becomes a COLUMBIA senator, please DIG ME UP and roll me over in my grave.  which is why today we officially endorse the committe to not re-elect conor skelding and encourage you to post these fliers on your facebook, twitter, and in the girls bathroom on the sixth floor of furnald,



One Response to “A vote for conor skelding is a vote for the columbia spectator”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    May be MIT does not have spec

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