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Letter to the editor by Peter Manchurian

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A note to the editor:
We will never be satisfied.
I know that we get a lot of money and stuff from alumni. but that isn’t the point right now.
I have heard the concerns that the spec sucks. I understand that you want to know more. What you hear and read there is the message that they want to send. Remember, our players and recruits read too, beause they are really good students, student-athletes, students first even. i promise they read. So my interests, loyalties and responsibilities rest with our players and recruits, and they have to read the dum spec.
so it pissed me off when the spec said i should get fired because I’m a dumb coach. you know what? they’re dum.
While I appreciate the spec’s enthusiasm and want for information about our program, I have no desire to put up with their shit. That in mind, their interest in “why” we do some of the things we do, can and will not always be answered. There are facts and information that go into making each decision that I feel may be inappropriate to let the spec know about for various reasons. one is that the spec sucks. In this regard, the decisions that are made based on what you know, may be hard to understand, because they are dumb, and not even concussioned like chad washington.
one thing that is hard to understand is that they said i shud get fired. well u know what? the spec should get stuffed.
We make objective evaluations of our team and our program. None of these evaluations are based on hearsay, scouting services or second hand information. unlike the spect’s awful reporting. We watch, we listen, and we communicate. Our players believe in what they are doing; they get it, they are living it, we are doing our job, the spect is not doing theirs.
As I mentioned when I arrived at Columbia, we will no longer address the issues of the past. so never mind that the spect always sucked. they’ve got MILES to go before they do good sports reporting.
if the spect had a record, it would be 0-11. and specsucks would play against them every game and they would always teabag spec after the game
if they spect practcied, they could only practice five days a week (because saturday and sunday aren’t days), and we practice 8 days a week, like the beatles, which is a bug, which we will squash, like the spec.
so you know what? suck my dick spec. because lee bollinger said I’m staying.
petur manchurian

Triweekly movie review 2

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So evyerbody has seen that old batman film that the cum band made jokes about but what you didn’t know is thatit is actually about how specsucks check it out:
First there is this guy called the cloaked maskwho is fighting the establishment (Spect) likea badass motherfucker but no one noes him noteven deans. Then there are like some specscum tryig to stop him
Anyway the cloaked mask has to go far away for some reason

He’s kind of in a far of country or something away from campus of Colombia. And then there is this pit caled boredatbutler and they like lower a little girl into it for some reason and there is this guy trying to find the cloaked mask there
So she is like there

And then a bunch of weird guys called anons try to harass her in the pit and she harasses them back
But there is this guy who everybody thinks is a douche called the dark hand who befreinds her for some reason


He starts fites with everybody in the pit


But it doesnt really work because there are 2 many ppl
Meanwhile the litle girl leaves the pit
Then the cloaked mask comes back sometimes
But the the bwog bitches kno he is on boredatbutler so they start to investigate
And they catch tdh for some reason because they know where to look
So this guy alex jones and conor kind of catch a bunch of people from the boredatbutler pit

And they start asking lots of dum questions to write a stupid article aout the bored at butler pit
Then they eventually find the dark hand but they still don’t no the master mind but whatever they think they will win
So they thing they have destroyed him by unveiling him to all the world and deans
But they don’t see the mite of the specsux lejun
Now they have made him internet famous
And Bwog kinda gets capsized
By random anons and other people from bored@butler
But then thye save conor for some reason after doing surgery so they can use him more later
But not fuckitletsgobowling becus every1 noes him now
And the bwog plane kinda falls away
And they leave to wreck more havoc later on deans and spec

The end. Overall I thinkthis movie is kinda overrated but the parts I just showed were good.

keeping an eye on the eye

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And the watchful eye over the eye.  Well who is watching the watchers? we are, from the shadows of night.  For example we were watching the specoped when we saw this op ed which points out what we at specsucks have been saying all allong.  So spec is written by spec about spec, but this is about a spec writing spec about spec written you circlejerk.  Here at specsucks we do not write about anything we have a personal vested interest in so our articles have the sheen of cold, hard, impartial truth.  have a nice day, beezlebub worshipers.

Spectator Op Ed

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Amidst academic brilliance, we sometimes forget the potential of simple hard work. Some of our strongest lead stories have been written by individuals exploring communities in which they play or have played an integral role. As winter and finals approach, we must cultivate trust and be honest about our anxieties for the sake of communal wellness. Returning to Columbia for a new year, again, feels different. Gone is the gulping, heart-squashing anxiety, punctuated by waves of excitement that marked my first week on campus two years ago. In a not so meritocratic world, we have become students at Columbia, and what follows is a duty to use our privileges to do good.Time is a strange thing. You know how it works, sort of. You know that one moment will disappear as quickly as it was given to you, that the time between your first move-in day at college and your last will seem like no time at all. We are not appropriately engaging in the debate about what it means to be “successful” after Columbia. We compromise our young ideals by settling for routine in an unfulfilling post-graduate life. Our identity is influenced by many factors, not always apparent on the surface. Our identities should not restrict our ability to participate in campus discourse. We may all be a little more privileged than we think. Absence makes the heart fonder, fostering appreciation through perspective. We need to gain perspective to truly appreciate other cultures. Fostering good dialogue at Columbia depends on a willingness to disagree. Columbia’s commitment to meaningful dialogue is not found in the World Leaders Forum.The characteristics of a traditional college community may not apply to Columbia’s current culture. When institutions make decisions as corporations, the implications deserve to be debated.
The author of this Op Ed is a Columbia College First-Year majoring in the Philosophy of Dance