Spectator Op Ed

Amidst academic brilliance, we sometimes forget the potential of simple hard work. Some of our strongest lead stories have been written by individuals exploring communities in which they play or have played an integral role. As winter and finals approach, we must cultivate trust and be honest about our anxieties for the sake of communal wellness. Returning to Columbia for a new year, again, feels different. Gone is the gulping, heart-squashing anxiety, punctuated by waves of excitement that marked my first week on campus two years ago. In a not so meritocratic world, we have become students at Columbia, and what follows is a duty to use our privileges to do good.Time is a strange thing. You know how it works, sort of. You know that one moment will disappear as quickly as it was given to you, that the time between your first move-in day at college and your last will seem like no time at all. We are not appropriately engaging in the debate about what it means to be “successful” after Columbia. We compromise our young ideals by settling for routine in an unfulfilling post-graduate life. Our identity is influenced by many factors, not always apparent on the surface. Our identities should not restrict our ability to participate in campus discourse. We may all be a little more privileged than we think. Absence makes the heart fonder, fostering appreciation through perspective. We need to gain perspective to truly appreciate other cultures. Fostering good dialogue at Columbia depends on a willingness to disagree. Columbia’s commitment to meaningful dialogue is not found in the World Leaders Forum.The characteristics of a traditional college community may not apply to Columbia’s current culture. When institutions make decisions as corporations, the implications deserve to be debated.
The author of this Op Ed is a Columbia College First-Year majoring in the Philosophy of Dance

One Response to “Spectator Op Ed”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    It is like you are a student leeder

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