Letter to the editor by Peter Manchurian

A note to the editor:
We will never be satisfied.
I know that we get a lot of money and stuff from alumni. but that isn’t the point right now.
I have heard the concerns that the spec sucks. I understand that you want to know more. What you hear and read there is the message that they want to send. Remember, our players and recruits read too, beause they are really good students, student-athletes, students first even. i promise they read. So my interests, loyalties and responsibilities rest with our players and recruits, and they have to read the dum spec.
so it pissed me off when the spec said i should get fired because I’m a dumb coach. you know what? they’re dum.
While I appreciate the spec’s enthusiasm and want for information about our program, I have no desire to put up with their shit. That in mind, their interest in “why” we do some of the things we do, can and will not always be answered. There are facts and information that go into making each decision that I feel may be inappropriate to let the spec know about for various reasons. one is that the spec sucks. In this regard, the decisions that are made based on what you know, may be hard to understand, because they are dumb, and not even concussioned like chad washington.
one thing that is hard to understand is that they said i shud get fired. well u know what? the spec should get stuffed.
We make objective evaluations of our team and our program. None of these evaluations are based on hearsay, scouting services or second hand information. unlike the spect’s awful reporting. We watch, we listen, and we communicate. Our players believe in what they are doing; they get it, they are living it, we are doing our job, the spect is not doing theirs.
As I mentioned when I arrived at Columbia, we will no longer address the issues of the past. so never mind that the spect always sucked. they’ve got MILES to go before they do good sports reporting.
if the spect had a record, it would be 0-11. and specsucks would play against them every game and they would always teabag spec after the game
if they spect practcied, they could only practice five days a week (because saturday and sunday aren’t days), and we practice 8 days a week, like the beatles, which is a bug, which we will squash, like the spec.
so you know what? suck my dick spec. because lee bollinger said I’m staying.
petur manchurian

One Response to “Letter to the editor by Peter Manchurian”

  1. chad warshingt0n Says:

    wow go coach. and thank you for specsucks for bringing th truth.

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