Dear Pete:

Ok  I can see that you are learning that spec sucks but may be you should have been more vocal in your indictment because let’s face it the spec is probably more concussed than any of your players. Not only that but your players will go on to work in fiance with they’re Columbia degrees to do our great school of Columbia proud with their alumni connections. What will the dum specscums do? Lol I don’t know. Write more dum articles about the football team to deflect from the fact that they suck more probably.


But I think when we here our coach talk may be we should here more about how the spec sucks. Like I do not care about football. I will never care about football. All I care about is bringing down the dum spec. Actually I do not know why I am even writing this letter may be somebody in spec will read it. May be Prezbo will read it. Actually that is unlikely, I mean I doubt anybody reads spec, but of course that doesn’t mean prezbo can’t read specsucks, most prestigious truthblog on campus, but he probably doesn’t read that either. All he reads are alumni donor emails telling him about how the spec sucks. In fact I think he might’ve sent Samy Roth and email the other day telling him to lay off the football team that got published by accident. It doesn’t matter.


The point is, Pete, if you choose to speak about how the spec sucks, we will listen. But if I hear one more dam thing about the football team I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD I WILL SPAM PREZBO’S INBOX WITH PICTURES OF YOUR FACE UNTIL HE FIRES YOU.


The Author is a Columbia College Senior majoring in Logic. He is the president of the Mickey Mouse Club.


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