a new power rises

blood has been spilled this night. before midnite they stopped deliberating the hour of the wolves. abbi abraham and stefen loud emerge from the ruins of the turkey shots. This specsucks knows. we have already perforemd our secret blood magic ritual so that these two would be elected by deliberations to be editor and manager. That is ok We bathed in the blood of spect turkeys and performed our ritual:
666 is the number of the beast
Abraham went to the mountain to sacrifice his son
He was silent and not loud tempted by satan
the 138th managing board bears dark omens

12/1=12 12/3=4 12/8=1
1+12=13 4+3=7 12+1=13
(two thirteens already)
however we must make corrections for the asymmetry, so we calculate the symmetrized version
Which is half of 138 so to compensate we double 33 to get
which is the lazy man’s number of the beast which is fitting for spec
Beware 138 marks your doom
That is what we chanted into the flames. We foresaw never that 3lau would come to campus this time we have only 1 lau. Our chosen emerged. Soon the spec will fall, that also we have seen in the flames.

One Response to “a new power rises”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    beware 138 we are watching you!

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