Burno Marks performing at bacchanal


this is an exclusive scoop which means we reported it first today is february 2 2/2/2014 the second day of the second month of the year two thousand and fourteen of our lord.  that is before anyyone else reported so we are exclusive scoop #1 in america.

after the super bowl bruno mars was super tired and so he went to get a cup of water because he was thirsty. and then he immediately made a personal call to the cloaked mask to give us the scoop that he is performing at bacchanal 2014.  that is right you heard it here first just like achmadinajad and every other scandal broken by specsucks when spec let you down.  too bad nobody will catch the grenade for spec.


3 Responses to “Burno Marks performing at bacchanal”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    Spec has let you doenn dear reeder

  2. theme should be backanal

  3. I do believe tis Lupe Fiasco

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