disgusting video filmed in butler

i like many other true blooded columbians, was browsing buzzfeed alpha aka bwog in anticipation of bruno mars coming to backanal to rock our sox off.   and i was shocked and repulsed by the video that i saw.

I was physically repulsed when I saw the complete disregard with which they treated not only dairy products, but also eggs and poultry.  nevermind the egregious health and safety standards violations, these people clearly have no concern for the harm they are doing to our kin-creatures, our bodies, and our environments.   The corpse of a chicken, a proud creature when alive, is presented as a trophy of the conquest of man over fowl, thrown without care across open skin and exposed mucus membranes (prime vectors for salmonella infections).  Would you look in the face of a chicken and tell him his people is being represented in a dignified manner?  would you look in the eye of a caged chicken confined to a 0.5 square meter cage, roided up on antibiotics,  pooping out eggs every tick of the clock of corporate machinery?  Would this chicken, who sweated hard in total darkness, to squeeze out one more menstrual dropping in hopes it would make the cutoff of productivity to postpone its inevitable trip to the slaughterhouse one more day, would this chicken even recognize a blue chicken, a sight truly abhorrent to nature.  Truly the epitome of privilege is to smear someone else’s hard-earned period over your genitals while simultaneously pouring someone elses hard-earned lactation over your mammary glands.  While those who truly have compassion would abstain from the purchase of such foods without paying the blood-price.  Even those with basic human decency would treat the act of eating the mechanically extracted liquid nourishment, or the roasted corpse of a fellow creature as a solemn affair, dictated by the grace of god towards man.  But nay, these foul humans relish in the opportunity to exploit the pool helpless chickens and not even becuz it tastes good.  I will leave the analysis of the racist themes of this video as an exercise for the reader.

In other news, sources report spec is a bunch of douchey guys, being douchey, and rubbing their dicks together.


One Response to “disgusting video filmed in butler”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    i think spec is chicken

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