bwog bites the bait

“We’ve heard this from a lot of sources, and it seems about right for Bacchanal”

and who might be tipping off those sources in the first place?  Checkmate, Bwog.

But when Bruno mars walks on the stage, don’t expect an apology from Bwog.  They’re too busy being spoonfed the next “rumour”. (hint: taylor swift 2015)

And why is it called throwbachannal anyways.  It sounds like someone who’s about to hurl.  Why can’t it be themed BachAnal for once, hire one of those nutjob music profs to perform classical music from his sphincter, and call it a day.

EDIT: or it could be a piece of performance art, ostensibly about cults, or like cults and sororities and like the patriarchy and, what the heck, anal sex too.


2 Responses to “bwog bites the bait”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    i thinkg specsucks should do the half time show at the superbowl

  2. cry for help Says:

    you had me at performance art, but then you threw in patriarchy/anal and i was like yup im there

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