not so secret spect

may be you have heard that some other secret societies have been exposed

that is ok, only specsucks is the premeier secret society on campus and exposing others is the cause of truth. So you think this looks like a pretty nomral list of student leaders who have seen the light to bring the rest of us plebs out of plato’s cave and protect the cause of good and justi-BUT WAIT A MOMENT THERE ARE SPECSCUM HERE THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT.

Ok so sources tell us that spec which claims to be and INDAPENDANT publication has a line of Knockems and Sockems IN THEIR INSTITUTION. Every year one specscums passes their knock em sock em to the next. Well sure may be we can split hairs and say those societies are indapendent too but then why do they have a line in spec? Clearly this is biased. As you can see hte power structure goes much deeper than one suspects. Corruption is everywhere, and specsucks is on it. We do not have biases like this. All our members are 100% independent homegrown true americans (TM) and selected purely for their ability to bring down corruption and serve the dark cause of justice.

So next time you see a member of specsucks (Well you will not see them because they are secreted) you will know that they are a member for a reason and not corrupt politics. This is just another way in which specsucks serves the great columbia community, and not dum spec.


2 Responses to “not so secret spect”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    i think specsucks should get a community building award

  2. It was surprising to see specsucks not pick up on bwog getting fooled on april fools’ day. prankers remain at large.

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