we march on to victory

ok so I haven’t posted as much lately because I have been busy ranking my second smurf to challenger but spec’s latest moves proves we are starting to get to them anyway and don’t think I have forgoten. Now spec only comes out once a week that means we only have to defeat them one more day. My loyal readers know this, everyone knows it, even the new york times knows.  The consequences of these tactics are starting to make itself felt as spec has had to roll back production that spec is starting to feel the full brunt of our (entirely consexual we do not indorse nonconsexual) assault. Our plan is slowly unfolding in its entirety, and our moment of triump approaches. we cannot tell you very much right now but we can tell you this: nears and will soon be the present. we are destroying spec, so-called “daily newspaper”, day by day. just u wait and see.

One Response to “we march on to victory”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    yea u w8 n c

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