On the Board of Trustes

Spec is crumbling all the way at the top. One member of the board has already jumped the sinking ship and joined specsucks but we will not tell you which one because the identity is secret NO HINTS! The individual in question did give us this letter to publish before saying that no one suspects a thing because he is pretending to be double agent agenst destruction of spec and published another letter in another place so no one suspects anything:


Dear Trustes,

Thanks for voting resolution to bring down spec. Thanks for confirming that spec sucks and is dying. To reitarate, killing so called “daily” paper was our philosofic and financial plan all along. Everything is plummeting like finances and marketing billions of dolairs bleeding spect dry. Soon spec will be like buzzfeed more may mays and jiffs in its death knell. The revolution cannot be stopped, even Wendy Brandes knows, everyone knows. 


Lost is the spec, only specsucks brings serious jurnalism at the Ivy league. Out with the old in with the new. Only specsucks is interested in jurnalism, telling people something they don’t know, rocking theboat, speaking truth to power like taking down deans and bringing dark justice to the comfortable. Spec sucks is destroying spec one board member at a time is leaving. 


At any rate, I am joining specsucks because spec might as well be tied to the railroad lol. When spec finaly disappears into oblvious and our plan has come to full fruition I will be associated may be then you will finally learn the terrible secret about the identy of specsucks, but for now we cannot revel more. Let’s hope that Bwog comments reflect the true opinions of the ppl like thye always do. Until then specsucks remains spec’s number one rival (but better). 






As u can see the plot thickness………………………………………………………….


One Response to “On the Board of Trustes”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    everyting acording to plans

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