New Manegerial bored

As the year winds to a close and the rapists rape their final victems of the semester under the watchful eye of Columbia’s

Student Services For Gender-Based And Sexual Misconduct

so too does specsucks turnover a new leaf. thus the 2015 manegerial boared was born. a bond borne in blood brotherhood and cash. the people have spoken and a new era arises for specsucks. Those who thought they were safe, think again. Be careful who you trust.



They perform a secret handshake to cement the covalent bond between them. Be suspicious of everyone wearing long sleeves.



if there is anything i have learned from graduate level biochem it is that the triangle is the strongest shape

peter stern don’t wear long sleeves.


3 Responses to “New Manegerial bored”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    Baptized in blood

  2. at 1020 i asked you if you were specsucks and you said no. you wouldn’t have written that last line if you didn’t know i had asked.

  3. if you are peter stern then what is your favorite color?

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