agregate data

Spetc has made they’re demands known. the data has been released, transparency has been achieved and the world is more pellucent for the efforts of spec and activism. that is all very good. with these numbers we can prove conclusively what has been suspected and happenign.

But what if it is all misdirection? Well peopel say you can use statistics to prove anything, so there’s a point I think we’re missing. We have crossed many liens in search of change so what remains? what stones are still unturned? How many people has spect murdered? Specsucks DEMANDS THAT THE DATA IS RELEASED.

I retiaret We at specsucks demand that the statistics of spec are relaeased to the public. Until then we will never rest. No metaphorical door will remain unlocked. When will the people wake up? Are all of these questiosn rhetorical? Who is asking what? talking in ciricles? Specsucks will never beg for mercy. We will never surrender until the data of spec has been released. We do not decline to identify spec as the target of our investigation. We do not accept responsbality for what spec has wrought, we are all victims of speck.

So far the stats speak for themselves. Specsucks protects our privacy not spec that is why we are naonyumous and spec puts names in their artikls. Spec has been found guilty ZERO times…that is suspect. Specsucks is the blog that stands for truth and transparency helping the people know what spec is doing, how many innocents they have tortured and killed nonconsensually behind closed doors? All of this data is mising form the public record under the guise of pricacy. Who is columbia really protecting? the oppressors or the victims. This is all just food for thought , my dear reader, it is for you to decide i am not saying spec is guilty but i am just thiniing critically. What are they hiding?


One Response to “agregate data”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    yea critkul thinking!!1

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