this guy is still writing for spec

ok so i have taken this guy down before ( but obviously he didn’t get the message so it’s time to hit em with the uppercut like floyd mayweather in his 2012 fight against miguel cotto whihc was also two years ago, kind of like the first time i took down this british guy (i am not racist btw.)

He starts his dum artical by saying

“As it prepares to travel to face Brown on Saturday for its opening Ivy League game, Columbia men’s soccer can reflect upon a season that has so far proved both testing and enlightening.”

so its the opening game but the season has been testing and enlightening. Games outside the ivy league cannot be enligthening dumass we are the ivyleague because we are more enlightened. On a slightly related note the other day I was at the dentist and he told me I grind my teeth in my sleep and I said, no I grind my teeth at the diction in spec articles. Dam you spec,for running up my dentist bill. Anyway moving on:

“On-field performances have oscillated from one game to the next. ”

The performances oscillated from one game to the next? As opposed to going in a straight line? Ok on the topic of simple harmonic oscilation…well I took Emlyn Hughes’ Frontiers of Science lecture and he told me to wipe my mind of everything i knew.

“In their season opener, the Lions came out swinging and unexpectedly beat Michigan, 3-0. On that balmy September afternoon, the sky seemed the limit for a Lions side that showed a robust backline and a clinical, counter-attacking style.”

I’m the only one swinging here, also soccer is not boxing, it’s not a sport where yo ucome out swinging dont they play soccer in Britain? Right they play “football” which is again the wrong word, which again proves that spec’s word choice is reinforcing power structures. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to play soccer, as it’s called in this country, watch me clinically counterattack spec.

“However, following the Michigan game, Columbia slumped to defeats against Marist, Quinnipiac, and most recently, Iona. Recurrent problems—slow starts and a lack of a consistent goal-scoring threat among them—have dogged the Lions.”

This article had a slow start and lacks consistently good prose. Then he does a whole paragraph of athletics shilling (not surprsing) which I  won’t repeat here.

“The Lions can take some solace from Brown’s recent run of results. The Bears have not won a game since Sept. 14th and have failed to score in their last three. Their lack of attacking bite, coupled with an over-reliance on goalkeeper Mitch Kupstas, gives the Lions a chance to take the initiative and try to put their season, yet again, back on track.”

I certainly hope their season gets more on track than this article.

“Indeed, if there is a time for the Lions to take hold of the season by the scruff of its neck, this is it.”

Ive got spect by the scruff of the neck
“With potentially decisive Ivy League games with Penn and Princeton in the next two weeks, this is the moment for the Lions to inject some consistency into their season.”

And I consistently deliver decissive blows of JUSTICE. #specsucks

PS — you are still british and you might get hired by the Guardian but you are still british and the guardian is like the british version of spec.

One Response to “this guy is still writing for spec”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    you are still british

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