Spec uncovers illegal food service fraud

spec has been caught once again revealing the criminal underworld of columbia.  just yesterday i saw on spec the numerious felonies which are likely being commited and aided by the publicity of spec.  Spec has revealed that there is a student on campus who is running an illegal underground food smuggling operation..  While maybe it seems “cute” to you kids to run a restaurant from your dorm,  doing so is a serious criminal offence, violating numerous health and safety regulations, food code standards, zoning board regulations, tax evasion, worker safety and benefits fraud, and federal violation of criminal intent statutes.  Maybe you think it’s cute for  Reider who is in the front room, but what about the undocumented peruvian slave boy who is locked in the dishwasher.  You might wonder why spec isn’t keeping this on the DL until you realise that this is really a front for the “easy easy” as they call it on the streets.

I quote

Pith has served braised celery root soup with toasted almonds and pumpernickel crisps; seared lamb with smoked paprika, charred eggplant, and smoked salt; and rainbow trout with fennel gremolata, black currant, and chanterelle rice, among other dishes.

Can you please explain to me, who has eating burned eggplant and smoked salt as a meal.  Is it even possible to smoke salt?  Let me answer that question for you.  Yes.  Spec further drops the coded messages to drug users that they can get some of that baby kush by ringing up Hogan 4B

I think with good cooking, or good eating, you should just experience all these things that you just never thought you could before.

Spec has a history of supporting illegal activities on campus, and I hope the new york city health and safety board comes down on his ass with a fury not seen by heaven nor hell. When they are done with this kid, you won’t even remember what happened to chipotle.


One Response to “Spec uncovers illegal food service fraud”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    may be that’s hwy they blew up ollies

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