What is the struggle against good and evil like I struggle against spec.  Evil must be defeated but once evil is gone will the good become the evil?  What is even reality like could it not be real?  These are topics that I grasped with in CC.  I am still haunted by them every day.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it.  Because maybe spec is only a homunculus in my brain.   What is meaning in defeating spec if there is no meaning. or is man supposed to defeat Christ like Niche.    A great thinker in the mind columbia creates, but spec destroys,but I destroy the destroyer, so who will destroy the destroyer destroyer.  Maybe the USS William P Lawrence.  but he who destroys destruction is himself a creator and god of his own universe like  a pheonix from the flames.

Only history will tell the tale of a great man who stood up to the demon.  Till spec is ashes.  Till spec is ashes.


2 Responses to “Existentialism”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    Ur so deep for a minion

  2. Totino the Pizza Boy Says:

    plz more


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