Maybe spec isnt so bad

you know i have been through many years of my life and i was in a hard time and i was radicalized like the weather underground but now i have recovered so i am not so radical functioning member of society that is why i ask myself to please let me be accepted again into society.  Is spec truly the worst ever well maybe you take that for granted perhaps that they are not??  I mean they are not a news paper becuz they do not have paper any more but is all hate worth it in the face of the universe?

What is wrong with america is hate these days I think that I am not a hateful person.  All these protesters are spewing so much hate onto our streets and onto our airports.  Goback HOME! and leave your hate we  only have love here in america.  So is it time to rethink our policy on spec?  We have all our top minds considering it, and we will keep you updated as this story develops.

P.S. Whoever drew this was High A.F. 4424059_1442121785805253_1715464652_o-860x645



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  1. RIP Specsucks (2012-2017) Says:


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