If you think the spectator sucks then you have come to the right place.  The spectator is a terrible news paper and nobody should read it!  We are starting a CU wide revolution to get rid of the terrible paper once and for all!  If you agree then you should stop reading the spec now.  In no time the spec will be just like a spec of dust. lol.


10 Responses to “About”

  1. i Viva la Revelution!

  2. jhdfakjdhf Says:

    Occupy Spec!

  3. You sir, are either a flaming fucking idiot, or an excellent troll. Regardless, please keep posting because this shit is infuriatingly entertaining. ❤

  4. I am not stupid but thank you I will always point out how funny the spec is, because it is really bad.

  5. yeah i hate spec too

  6. Yo Shadowy Cloak! We at The Fed want to, nay, need to profile you. Make an anonymous email and email thefed@columbia.edu for an email interview. We’re the fed so we don’t care if you lie or what not and if you don’t respond we’ll probably just make something up.

  7. Fuck the Spec Says:

    You want to do a Spec/CCSC/ABC crack down? Find out why there are ONLY CC students on ABC and how some of them are also on CCSC…..and together they have given themselves more votes on F@CU. Does the Spec report on this? nope….because that would be real news….and reporting on real news would make them implode.

    • Thank you if you would like to write a OP ed about the topic I would be proud to support. I am too focuesd on the spec to spend time investigating the F@CU and the ABCs (I alwyas read F@CU as “FKYOU” lol) I will publish your investigative report and I will ask my sources if they have any leads.

  8. Anon Y. Mos Says:

    Fine if you don’t like Spec, but don’t degrade yourself by saying things like “Spec, you are dumb”. That doesn’t solve anything. If you want to make Spec any better, don’t just tell them what you think is wrong, but how they can make it better. In other words, fuck your site

    • Obviously you have not read my blog. My blog lists one reason after another why the spec sucks and they do not fix them. Perhaps you did not know there are more pages( you can click at the bottom ) So you can see everything I have wrote

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