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Sports on Specsucks

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Ok I do not like football so I don’t know why spec is wasting my time with this garbage on the top of the front page. lets see what they are saying “IN FOCUS: Football deals with quarterback crisis in stride” kind of like I will deal with SPECT in stride:

Okay so this dum article starts

“Although the football team has already suffered three losses in the 2013 season, head coach Pete Mangurian has no issues with his team’s degree of effort. But upon reviewing Columbia’s 53-7 loss to Princeton on Saturday, Mangurian seemed to sum up the game in one word—disappointing.”

so are they disappointing or are they putting in effort? May be the rest of the article will clarify what the Mangurian candidate is talking about (I do not actually think so but I am giving them the benefit of the doubt).

“’I really felt when we left to get on the bus on Friday that we’d had a really good week of practice and we were prepared—I knew we were prepared,’ Mangurian said in a phone interview on Wednesday. ‘I thought emotionally we were in a pretty good place. But things went badly early, and before you know it you’re looking uphill at the score and it tests your mental toughness.’”

Take it easy there Denzel Hayyes Washington Jr. Specscuks has the mental toughness to deal with spec it is ok if you need to do phone interviews we understand spec sucks.

“The same issues that plagued the Lions during their first two games—inconsistency, missed tackles, and missed assignments—reared their ugly heads again in the game against Princeton. And though the Tigers only led 7-0 after the first quarter, they used their frenetic offensive tempo to bring the score to 22-0 before five minutes had ticked off the clock in the second. “

Wait so I thought you were prepared but then things went bad early? Soemthing is not adding up here. Also what does it mean five minutes had ticked off the clock in the second? How can you tick off a clock? Well I’m more than ticked off reading this garbage. Basically i can do basic math in less than a halftime you were down 22-0 spec. WE DEMAND YOU ANSWER FOR YOUR ICOMPETNECE MACNHURAN UNLIKE SPEC WE ARE NOT HAPPY WITH MEDIOCRITY AND THIS IS WORSE THAN MIEDOCRE1!! THIS IS AS BAD ASSPEC WHO ALSO MISSES THEIR ASSIGNMENTS — AND TACKLES.

“’We didn’t stop them early and we didn’t respond offensively early,’ Mangurian said. ‘We had some opportunities for some big plays offensively that would have changed the game, kept us in it, and I think the game got away from us.’”

Notice how he’s deflecting here by saying ‘us’ and the ace spect reporter is just letting him get away with it. We won’t take it anymore we want to see HEADS ROLL!!! ANSWER FOR UR CRIMES YOU MACHURIAN CANDIDATE THIS IS NOWAY TO RUN A FOOTBALL AMERICANO TEAM!!! I thought you were dealing with the crises in stride but actually you are just LOSING what a misleading headline spect! Could you try any harder to do  athelitics shilling? Or would they have to pay you under the table??

“It was after the Tigers’ third touchdown, with 10:03 left in the first half, that Mangurian put in first-year quarterback Kelly Hilinski to replace struggling sophomore Trevor McDonagh.”

Oh wow let me guess he turned the game around? Oh wait no I already read the part were you lost 53-7 (that’s a total of 60 points by the way). That is not dealing with the crisis in stride. OK let me REITERATE at this point that I can do basic maths spec. You were down 22-0. Then you change to anther guy. Then you conceded 53-22 = 35 points. YOU CONCEDED MORE POINTS WITH THE NEW GUY DUMMASS. AND 35 IS MORE THAN HALF OF 60 SO IF YOU DOUBLE THE SCORE TO EVEN IT OUT THAT IS 120, OR TWO HOURS, WHICH IS ALMOST A FULL YEAR IF YOU TRIPLE IT (360). It looks like manchurian is out of time. Like ok you scored 7 but 35-7 = 29 so you are still doing worse. What do you have to say for yourself spec? (29 is less than half of 60)

“’Right now, we’ve got two backups,’ he added. ‘We don’t have anybody that’s a starter. So we’ll play the guy that’s playing well, and we’ll continue to go that direction.’”

Wait but you played the guy that did worse THE MATH DOESN’T LIE SPEC. Why would you even play this guy if it just huimiliates our great school of Columbia even more?

“He said that there are two things he looks for in a signal caller. The first is leadership—he wants someone who will go into the huddle with energy and a positive mentality.”

Positive mentality APERENTLY is NEGATIVE POINTS. Which should not even exist because that is ANTI-MATTER. So much for making sense, footbáll americano.

“’You can’t put it on paper. You can’t write it down,’ Mangurian said. ‘If you’ve played this game, you know what it looks like.’”

I know what the score looks like SPEC. DO YOU THINK I HAVE FORGETTEN? 53-7!!!!

“The second characteristic is consistency—an attribute that the coaches have yet to see out of either McDonagh or Hilinski.”

Well at least they are not as consistently bad as spec or may be they are I don’t know I don’t even know what football is in this country.

“Mangurian said that the mid-season quarterback battle hasn’t become a distraction to the team because everyone is fighting to become better and more  consistent.”

Yea everyone except spec. Specsucks is always fiting to become better and more consistent we are like fite club. That is why we will triumph over spect even if the football team cannot win against Princeton.

“’The best thing that each player can do for our football team is play the best that they can possibly play,’  Mangurian said. ‘So it’s not that there are any factions, or any thoughts of this guy should be there, or that guy should be there. Everybody is kind of worried about themselves.’”

Wait a minute spec are you forgetting football is a team sport? Specsucks knows this of course that’s why we have an entire team of anonymous writers but obviously you don’t.

“As the team heads into its final nonconference game of the season, the Lions’ highest-quality football can only be ahead of them.”

Wow spec that is kind of a tautology when they couldn’t get any worse right? I guess you are focusing on the right things instead of trying to be constructive you are just making snarky comments and attacking another important member of the vibrant divers Columbia comuinity. Disgusting reporting. This entire article just makes me question why we even have athletics may be if you did a better job spec I would have more school sprit! Down with spec!