18 reasons spec sucks

When I am on the warpath agenst spec


When I am dragging a specster down into the seveth circle of datne’s infurno


When someone says they will stop reeding spect but only if I give up my VAMPIRE powers


When I try to throe a copy of spect in the garabge but then I get nervus and miss and then stupid specscum laf at me before I transform into a tru vampire and feast on they’re flesh


When I am at a cool popular party and someon introduces themselvs and they are in dum spec


When I am at a dum spec party and someone realizes Im a tru vampire


When I see a Bwog comment explaning hwo spec sucks



When the plans to destroy spec are going as planed


When somebody says they like the spec


When a specster leafes the room


(that is sarcasm geti t?)

When I see somebody reading spec


When I go to the computer and some specster accidentaly left the spect openand I it is on the computer screen




What I look like when I am going ot destroy spec


Well ok may be I am more like a vampire than a super sayan but that is ok because Dragonball Z is a qaulty show and Gohan is the best character but only after he has been a super sayan

When a specster walks into the vampire layer


When I am walking by ouside and see a specster inside of pinkberry


When spec has finally been destroyed




2 Responses to “18 reasons spec sucks”

  1. The Phantom Shadow Says:

    i think there are more than 18 reasons but these are imporant

  2. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    This was… The most beautiful thing i ever read. If i could post my tears a comment i would.

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