Connect the Dots

Hey to all my loyal readers:  I propose you an idea, for you to connect the dots.
Did you notice the biggest story of the year broke about how spec plagarized? And then within a few hours, the spec brought out a story about a supposedly “fake” student on campus?  Now I know many of you spec apologists out there (who shouldn’t be reading this blog any way) are thinking “whatever, maybe this is just a coincidence!  I mean they can’t control when news happens!”  Aha, but that is why you forget about the nature of the story.  Think for a second… couldn’t spec have broken the story earlier?  First, consider that they had ALL THESE sources that said they saw the “imposter” on campus… OVER A YEAR AGO.  So that means spec knew about this the whole time.  But why wouldn’t spec break the story? Why did they wait till now?  Well you see the puzzle pieces fit together:  Just when the truth was coming out about the spec, they divert the public, and release the story they have been sitting on for a year!  Isn’t it too convenient for a coincidence!  Here at specsucks we can see things clearly, and it is obvious that spec is trying to divert our attention just the same way Janet Jackson purposely exposed her nipples in order to distract from michael jackson’s trial.  These are the sorts of “coincidences” that it takes a sharp mind to see.

Keep your wits sharp and your minds sharper.  The spec may decieve others, but if you follow our blog, we promise they will never decieve you.


3 Responses to “Connect the Dots”

  1. The Shadowy Eyeball Says:

    Yes this is a smart thing for you to say. I have not been able to contact you lately because I am DEEP INSIDE the spect and they are bringing me down all the time but I just want you to know that you are VERY CLOSE to the truth and I hope you will be able to find it own your own because it is getting very dangerous for me to send leak tips to you now. Sometimes I am afraid for my LIFE when I am working for them because they are trying to cover up theyre crimes.

  2. The Dark Hand Says:

    What if there wasnt even a fake student? MAy be the ‘fake student’ was just a plant from spec all along. think about it.

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