Specsucks is still strong

I have heard a stupid rumour through the grape vine that some people think specsucks is not happening.  Wow, seriously?  Why don’t you take a step outside… THE SPEC STILL SUCKS.  They have implemented ZERO of my improvement plan suggestions, so it is no wonder.  So if the spec still sucks, then you must be an idiot to think I am going to give up.  First of all I am not a quitter and second of all that is a stupid rumour if you started that you must be more dumb then a box of bricks.  Spec is so dumb they make me vomit blood.  And bwog sucks too.


3 Responses to “Specsucks is still strong”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    I agree, we have been focusing all our attention on spec but bwog is like his right hand man, like Joker and Harley Quinn. Sure the Joker is the most important villain to take down but Harley Quinn is just a dangerous.

    • That is true but I can’t change the blog name after we have accumulated so much prestige. We would be back to square one after we have accomplished so much. So we can only focus on spec and hope for the worst.

  2. The Shady Knee Says:

    I have infiltrated the spec and I have to say…their administration is in shambles in fear of spécsucks’ power. Their “investigative” “journalism” has been reduced to freshmen (or as they say, “first”-“years”) posting 600-word spiels on how they think Columbia should be more like their high school. Meanwhile BWOG grows stronger. If the two were ever to merge, it would be a shadowy day indeed.

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