New Manegerial bored

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As the year winds to a close and the rapists rape their final victems of the semester under the watchful eye of Columbia’s

Student Services For Gender-Based And Sexual Misconduct

so too does specsucks turnover a new leaf. thus the 2015 manegerial boared was born. a bond borne in blood brotherhood and cash. the people have spoken and a new era arises for specsucks. Those who thought they were safe, think again. Be careful who you trust.



They perform a secret handshake to cement the covalent bond between them. Be suspicious of everyone wearing long sleeves.



if there is anything i have learned from graduate level biochem it is that the triangle is the strongest shape

peter stern don’t wear long sleeves.

exclusive leek

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if you look at this it looks like just a door of the innocent butler bathroom no trouble here but LOOK AGAIN you will see a shadow lurking to strike  we have recieved an insider tip that this might be the MASKED RAPE-reporter who is posting flyers to help people not be raped.  That sounds like a superhero if i ever heard of one.  if you have any information or hints on his ALTER EGO as a MILD MANNERED CAMPUS BLOG REPORTER please let us know more by emailing us at


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try not to laugh on your first time wathcing it!!! I failed !!!


On the Board of Trustes

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Spec is crumbling all the way at the top. One member of the board has already jumped the sinking ship and joined specsucks but we will not tell you which one because the identity is secret NO HINTS! The individual in question did give us this letter to publish before saying that no one suspects a thing because he is pretending to be double agent agenst destruction of spec and published another letter in another place so no one suspects anything:


Dear Trustes,

Thanks for voting resolution to bring down spec. Thanks for confirming that spec sucks and is dying. To reitarate, killing so called “daily” paper was our philosofic and financial plan all along. Everything is plummeting like finances and marketing billions of dolairs bleeding spect dry. Soon spec will be like buzzfeed more may mays and jiffs in its death knell. The revolution cannot be stopped, even Wendy Brandes knows, everyone knows. 


Lost is the spec, only specsucks brings serious jurnalism at the Ivy league. Out with the old in with the new. Only specsucks is interested in jurnalism, telling people something they don’t know, rocking theboat, speaking truth to power like taking down deans and bringing dark justice to the comfortable. Spec sucks is destroying spec one board member at a time is leaving. 


At any rate, I am joining specsucks because spec might as well be tied to the railroad lol. When spec finaly disappears into oblvious and our plan has come to full fruition I will be associated may be then you will finally learn the terrible secret about the identy of specsucks, but for now we cannot revel more. Let’s hope that Bwog comments reflect the true opinions of the ppl like thye always do. Until then specsucks remains spec’s number one rival (but better). 






As u can see the plot thickness………………………………………………………….

we march on to victory

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ok so I haven’t posted as much lately because I have been busy ranking my second smurf to challenger but spec’s latest moves proves we are starting to get to them anyway and don’t think I have forgoten. Now spec only comes out once a week that means we only have to defeat them one more day. My loyal readers know this, everyone knows it, even the new york times knows.  The consequences of these tactics are starting to make itself felt as spec has had to roll back production that spec is starting to feel the full brunt of our (entirely consexual we do not indorse nonconsexual) assault. Our plan is slowly unfolding in its entirety, and our moment of triump approaches. we cannot tell you very much right now but we can tell you this: nears and will soon be the present. we are destroying spec, so-called “daily newspaper”, day by day. just u wait and see.

weekly calandar according to spec

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We left it blank for you so you can fill stuff in like going to the movies with your friends (WHICH I DO HAVE) or something.


Will you still love me when Im no longer young and buetiful

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I wake up in the morning and spec still stands. I roll out of bed, landing on a pile of shredded newspapers. I vibrate as I rise, and walk cloaked over to the bathroom. My spine is like that of a pterosaurus, ridged and curved. I  spit in the sink in disgust of specscum i dreamt about. I wipe my mouth. I look in the mirror and don’t recognize the man looking back because i am wearing a mask. Where have the years gone? I ask myself. What happened to me?

Once I was young and full of hope. In NSOP everyone was the same. I had the naive thot that my friends, full of talent and energy, we would all find creative fulfillment, would all find and pursue the destruction of the spec. But they didn’t—many I lost to spec, many to bwog. On the way to class (CC), I walk past pinkberry. I see people waiting at Nussbaum, out of purpose , out of energy, out of hope. This much I share with them.

When I was younger, I remember how magical the firsts were. The first time I post in Bwog comments, the first time I burned a copy of the spect, the first time I got a c+ in lit hum all by myself without any help (no ok like getting tutoring doesn’t count if you only do it once a week.) Those firsts are what the college experience is about. You looked forward to the movement, the experience of college. Then you experienced college and being above a specster GPA became normal, posting  on Bwog became mindless, and you thought about other stuff while burning spec.

I talk to other people my age (sophomores), and many of them feel similarly. We are a generation of #sbwal—specsucks but we are lazy. You’re an #sbwal if your bones creak when you get out of bed in the morning. You’re an #sbwal if you look at specscum and feel so much better than them that you dont even need to write dum posts. You’re an #sbwal if every post makes you feel like ur more relevant than spec.

As an #sbwal, I actually leave my room and sometimes talk to freshman. Their ideas, their youth, it makes me feel happy. I enjoy mentoring these young people, showing them the way, showing them my mistakes about where I went wrong  in taking down spec. Hopefully they can learn something from me. Maybe I can live forever through them and then they will take down spec because i am lazy.

I write this tapping away on my wordpress. It’s a wonder I’ve figured out how to use it. We didn’t have wordpress when I was a kid—technology has changed so much in my lifetime. I remember when I was younger, there was only Bwog and Spec. We didn’t have any way to fight them. Now, these kids, they can post something on the internet and someone else can see it. What kind of dark magic is this, I ask myself as I light candles in my room.

These new TV’s, I swear, they’re too realistic. I look at them with wonder. Since when did a TV screen become a window?

I was in LA recently, where I met a young specster. She was 17, I was 19. Her body, her smell, they were too dum for me. I had to let her go.

When I exercise I run on the elliptical—on the days I’m not too tired to work out—because my knee blew out when I was in 9th grade. I wear a mouthguard at night so as not to gnash my teeth from nightmares about spec still standing and there’s nothing i can do about it. My google search history includes “biggest regrets before you die that spec still stands” and “what is there to life other than destroying spec.” I’m tired—physically tired, yes, but also mentally and spiritually tired. I listen to “Young and Beautiful”—the line where Lana Del Rey sings “I’ve seen the world”—and I agree.

I’m going to turn 20 soon, but I might as well be 80. I don’t know what else there is to life other than this. I’ve seen all the campus, tried to destroy the spec, and now I’m not afraid of death. Spec,Bwog , the Lion—I’m through with that shit. Leave me alone in a house with a laptop, a library and a nurturing, kindhearted 18-year-old girlfriend and I’ll die in peace.

Here, at the end of the night and the supposed beginning of spec’s destruction, I just feel so, so old.


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